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Happy 2k18!

Each year brings about reflection, soul-searching, resolutions and this year in particular (is it because I’m 41?!)…well, let’s say it’s going to be all about change.  I’m going to be B R A V E.  What a concept…

I will experience change.

My business will experience change.

My family will experience change.

Change is life, right?!  And life is change.

Tagging along with that idea is to document life.  Take daily photos…and blog.  I’ve found that life seems to be bolting down some highway and I can feel lost.  Out-of-control.  What did we do last week?  What was that conversation I had with “the boy?”

I’m determined to document it: {life}.  In pictures.  D A I L Y

And true to form, I’m already behind (insert eye-roll).

It seems fitting one of my 1st photos of the year involved kids outside in sub-zero temps.  And frosty breath.  We’re in MN, dontcha know….