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/blend/, verb

-form a harmonious combination.

We’ve all been to them, those little things called weddings.  The good, the bad…and the unforgettable.  As I’ve reached 40 (and haven’t been here long!), I’m realizing more and more the important details in life.  Extravagance?  Nope.  The bigger the better?  Nope.  You can see authenticity, true love, devotion and compromise without all the shiny details.  It’s easier to believe and see.

As I drove home from my friend’s wedding, I realized how truly moved I was.  To give thanks to God.  To honor the devotion of my husband–and to give it in return.  What a blessing sacrifice and eternal love and loyalty is.

These 2 girls are [now] sisters.  I was blown away by my friend’s children and their devotion to their new siblings.  Devoted.  Loving.  Authentic.  Know where they learned this?  Their parents.  It’s wonderful to see a man and woman come together that first time…but to see that in action a second time around, with so much more integrity, life and all that added in…wow.  Just wow.

I have found the one whom my soul loves.

Song of Solomon 3:4